About the Film

After presenting a class project on the Cuban Revolution, a victim of playground bullying starts a revolution to overthrow the autocratic regime, only to become the corrupt dictator himself.


¡Viva la Revolución! 2019

A Note From the Director

Tony Estrada:

Throughout my adult life, my desire to be a guiding light for children has remained incredibly strong. My goal of serving the development needs of children was a major part of my personal growth process as a college student. During my time at the University of Michigan, I served as a volunteer at U of M’s Mott Children’s hospital for two years in various roles.

As I moved onto my career, I became a high school teacher, where I taught film, photography and English literature, while simultaneously serving as an assistant baseball coach. I took my role as a mentor both in an academic and athletic environment incredibly seriously, earning a Virtus Child Protection Certification, concussion identification training, and CPR/First Aid Training.

Once I took the leap into Hollywood, I continued mentoring in various capacities. I was a head coach to little leaguers in Ontario, CA and became a ‘manny’ for a family in Beverly Hills and then for two adopted boys of a single dad in Hermosa Beach.

In between these jobs, I shot a short film, called For My Youth the Bell Tolls about an 11-year old boy who reflects on the trials of his life at his birthday party. The film won audience choice award at We Like ‘Em Short Film festival and the lead actor was nominated for Best Actor, competing against Luke Wilson.

Each of these experiences changed my life and made me a better person. Ultimately, they led me to the understanding that I am a capable and excellent director for children. Their innocence in their view of the world really can push us all to think differently, if we would all stop and listen.